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A few of my favorite blogs

bookbloggerbutton2.jpgSo, as we probably all know, Book Blogger Appreciation Week has begun!  Today Amy has asked us to highlight our favorite blogs that didn’t get nominated.  A few of my favorites didn’t make the cut, so I’ll list them here to remind their authors that we still love them!

Two of my favorite general blogs:

Kathleen’s Book Reviews – Kathleen has been a great friend to me since I started blogging.  She has encouraged me with constant comments, sent me a book that I was dying to read and couldn’t get myself, and has set an example with her great reviews.  She hasn’t posted much lately so I think her life must be pretty busy, but she deserves the appreciation!

Bookish Ruth – I think Ruth writes some great reviews, and I just loved her post about meeting Penelope Przekop.  She’s friendly, enthusiastic about books, and welcoming.  I always enjoy reading her blog, and if that’s not a good enough recommendation, what is?

And I thought I’d spotlight an author blog as well – Brandon Sanderson’s blog.   I have adored all of Brandon’s adult fantasy thus far and I’ve been trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to get my hands on an ARC copy of the third book in his Mistborn trilogy.  I was thrilled to discover that Brandon has a wonderful blog where he really connects with his readers and lets us know how things are going in his life and in his writing.  It’s like we’re right there with him writing the final WoT book from Robert Jordan’s notes, and he’s got me planning my re-read already!  If you like fantasy, or even if you don’t, you should read his books and his blog.

There are, of course, many other blogs that I adore, but you’ve seen so many posts today that I kept it short.  ;)


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