June 2024
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Bloggiesta Starting Line

I didn’t participate in Bloggiesta the last time, so I’m quite excited to do it this weekend!  I have a ton of work to get done on my blog and I’ll be starting this evening when I get back from work (this post is going to help me organize!).  Most of my work is catch up and switching over my URL for real this time.

  1. Make a spreadsheet of all current posts and links to make redirects easier.
  2. Change permalink structure to pretty URLs.
  3. Determine best way and then do 301 redirect pages, most recent posts, and most popular posts, noting changes in spreadsheet, and do five minutes or so every couple of hours to get more done. (if anyone else has done this before, advice would be greatly appreciated!)
  4. Change URL across internet – technorati, blogcatalog, etc.
  5. Catch up on reviews – do mini reviews of anything over 2 weeks old, schedule over next week
  6. Check for updates on review policy, about me section
  7. Find plugin for and create sitemaps
  8. Update all “Read in” pages with books read and links to reviews, add 2010 page
  9. Post reviews across to LibraryThing and Amazon

I think that’s plenty for now – I also would like to get through three books this weekend (The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by C.W. Gortner, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, and Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews) so we’ll see how much I can actually accomplish.

Good luck everyone!


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