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How to 301 Redirect an Entire WordPress Blog (Bloggiesta – 1st Update)

Thought it would be a good idea to see where we are now.  Here’s the updated list.

  1. Make a spreadsheet of all current posts and links to make redirects easier.
  2. Change permalink structure to pretty URLs.
  3. Determine best way and then do 301 redirect pages, most recent posts, and most popular posts, noting changes in spreadsheet, and do five minutes or so every couple of hours to get more done. (if anyone else has done this before, advice would be greatly appreciated!)
  4. Change URL across internet – technorati, blogcatalog, etc.
  5. Catch up on reviews – do mini reviews of anything over 2 weeks old, schedule over next week
  6. Check for updates on review policy, about me section
  7. Find plugin for and create sitemaps
  8. Update all “Read in” pages with books read and links to reviews, add 2010 page
  9. Post reviews across to LibraryThing and Amazon
  10. Added Google Webmaster Tools.

I’ve had Keith’s help for the first three because he actually knows what he’s doing.  First we moved the site over (after a backup) from chikune.com/blog to medievalbookworm.com officially and redirected all links on the old blog to go to the new one.  That’s just a line of code in the .htaccess file, which he did have to modify but should be easier for anyone who isn’t on a subfolder to start.  I found it just Googling.  Then Keith made a spreadsheet from the database of all the posts and links with the ugly URLs and we did another backup of different parts of the site.  Keith also had to fix my old images uploaded to chikune.com/blog in the database.  I then installed a plugin called Permalinks Migration and put in my old ugly URL structure (/%page_id) and saved that.  And, finally, I changed my permalinks and watched in awe as the entire thing worked and took way, way less time than I ever thought it would.

So, please let me know if any links around are broken or if any strange errors pop up at any time over the next few weeks.  It all seems to be working amazingly well here.  And if you’re using WordPress, change your permalinks!  It was amazingly easy once we figured out what we were doing, and if I hadn’t been moving my blog to a better domain it would have been even easier.

See you all tomorrow for the next six items on my agenda – I hope everyone else’s Bloggiesta is going as well!  I’ll be checking in the morning.


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