June 2024
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Read-a-thon prep!

deweys-readathonbuttonThe sole positive thing about not going on a honeymoon is that I still get to participate in the Read-a-thon!  We have a variety of reasons for not going on one right now, but I’m very glad that the schedule coincides so we have something fun to do.  We have a few errands to run on Saturday but since it all starts at 1 pm over here, I’m hopeful that we’ll be back in time for the beginning.

As expected, I have far more books in my pile than I could ever hope to read!  Last time I read six.  This time I have an ambitious 14 in my pile, so I have lots of choice:

IMG_1658I have a variety of easy reads here.  Plenty of YA, romance, and urban fantasy, my genres of choice for fast reading, with an adult fantasy and my first David Sedaris in case I need a change of pace.  I meant to read more from the library, but due to a lack of time have decided to mostly stick with what I already have.  I’m a bit amused that the only historical titles in the pile are the romances; clearly I require more concentration for regular historical fiction!

In general, our plan is to actually stay up for 24 hours.  Since I only read for 12 hours in total last time, I’m hoping to get through more than six books.  Keith will not be reading, he wants to take this opportunity to have a game-a-thon of his very own, but we’ll be mostly in it together.  I’m hoping to put him in charge of food, but I suspect we will be microwaving.  We have two computers, so I’ll still be updating, probably every 2 hours, and I’ll try to visit a few blogs along my way although I’m not signing up to be a cheerleader this time.  Maybe next time.

I can’t wait for the fun to begin!  Are you participating?


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