June 2024
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For Authors and Publishers

If you have a historical novel or non-fiction work set in the medieval period (by my definition, 500-1500 AD), please disregard the following and send me an email.

First off, I’d like to thank you for considering me to review your book(s)!  I very much enjoy reading and reviewing and I will do my best by your publications.  I consider reviewing for you a tremendous privilege.  I do, however, have some guidelines for your consideration before you contact me directly so that we can both make the most efficient use of our time.

Genres: I will review historical fiction, literary fiction, non-fiction history, craft books, cookbooks, memoirs, historical romance, young adult, fantasy, and science fiction.  I will happily accept any of the above in ebook format as long as it works with the Kindle.

I will not review erotica, thrillers, mysteries, or chick lit.  I can no longer accept self-published books for review as I do not have the time.

Time frame: If you are sending me an ARC, I will do my best to read and review the book within one week of its release date.  If that is not possible or if your book has already been released, I will review it 1-4 months from the day I receive it.  When you email me, I will be able to give you a more realistic estimate.  Review copies can be sent to either my address in the USA or my address in the UK, where I currently live, depending on your preference.  I am a legal resident of both countries.

My reviews: When I write a review, I endeavor to provide my readers with my honest opinion.  I will not needlessly criticize your book, but I will say if I did not like it.  I will do my best to point out its good bits and find its target audience if that audience is not me.  In my reviews, I include a picture and links to both LibraryThing and Amazon for more information and purchase of the book.  I will include other links on request.  I review every book I read.

If I cannot finish your book, I will do my best to give it away to another blogger who will read and review it.  I cannot force them to do so, but I will try.  I will not sell review copies.

I will always post my reviews on LibraryThing.  I will post them to Amazon upon request.  I do these in batches.  If you would like yours posted at a specific time or on another website, please specify in your email.

Other posts: I love hosting authors for guest posts or interviews.  I am also happy to host giveaways.

All requests and further questions should be sent to my email address, meghan at medievalbookworm dot com.