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Giveaway: Paul of Dune

Since I’m off in the UK for now, some review books are unavailable to me thanks to publishing laws and such things that I don’t really understand but accept.  Many of you are Americans, though, so today I am offering you a giveaway of Paul of Dune, the direct sequel to Dune by Frank Herbert.  Here’s the description offered up by one of my favorite publicists:

Continuing the groundbreaking Dune series, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson bring us more about Paul Muad’Dib and his background, as well as what happened during the lost years between Frank Herbert’s Dune, and his second Dune novel, Dune Messiah. This novel showcases the first years of the God Emperor’s reign—the most requested story in the fan letters they receive—and chronicles Paul’s childhood. It is the Tor/Sci Fi Essential pick for September 2008.

Booklist notes, “Standing well enough on its own for Dune novices, it goes without saying that it’s must reading for established fans.”

Sound interesting? Great!  I have one request – that you write me a guest review when you’ve finished!  Since I can’t review the book, I want to make sure my readers hear about it and meanwhile mix up the voices around here.  How do you enter?  Just leave me a comment here.  The contest is open until October 31st and only open to US residents.  I’m sorry about that, but since I’m not sending it out (and can’t get it myself!) I have to follow the rules!

Good luck!

Don’t want to trust your luck? Buy Paul of Dune on Amazon today.


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