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Guest Blog: Creating my Heroes by author Amelia Grey



Being a Regency author, I love to write about titled gentlemen.  There is just something extremely appealing and very sexy to me about a hero born to power and privilege, though he never misuses either. When I started my new trilogy series The Rogues’ Dynasty, I wanted all my heroes to be titled and related.  Hmm. That made it a bit tricky as titles are only handed down to the first born son.  There are no leftovers for subsequent sons.

In the Rogues’ Dynasty Trilogy, I finally decided on a way to get around that issue by making the heroes of the three books cousins rather than just friends.  It was easy enough to do that by creating their grandmother, a lady who was known far and wide because she managed to marry all three of her daughters to titled gentlemen.  And all of her daughters gave her a grandson in the same year.  Suddenly I had a duke, a marquis, and an earl!  I was in heaven.  And of course, I wanted to start the trilogy with the duke!

So A Duke to Die For was born.  I knew right away he’d be tall, commanding, and powerful-looking with wide shoulders and lean hips.  Yum!  Oh, yes, I’d have his neckcloth look as if it had been hastily tied making him appear the devilish rogue the gossipmongers claimed he was.  I’d give him grayish-green eyes so captivating that the heroine could look into them forever and never grow tired.  I’d make his life chaotic and undisciplined, and then give the carefree duke a chunk of responsibility in the form of a lovely young ward to guard.

Well, the list goes on…, but you get the idea. What’s your favorite type of romance hero?


Thanks, Amelia, for this fabulous guest post!  Award-winning author Amelia Grey has sold over 75,000 copies of her Regency romances.  A Duke to Die For is the first in a new trilogy published by Sourcebooks.  The book will be released on April 1st.  You can preorder your copy on Amazon. In the meantime, come back tomorrow for my review!


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