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Book Spotlight: Cry of Justice, Jason Pratt

Check out this book on tour this month at Pump Up Your Book Promotion virtual tours.

From the back cover:

“Hope and Love – Pride and Honor.

Monsters wander the world of Mikon.

Caught in the aftermath of a vicious international war, thousands of refugees have fled the Coastal States, bringing their dangers with them into the wilderness near the untamed Middlelands.

Castaways from an imploding civilization – fighting to find and to understand the most dangerous of treasures …”

About the author:

“Jason Pratt is a native of West Tennessee, and the systems manager for Dyer Fiberglass, Inc. He holds a bachelor of communications degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

When he isn’t freelance editing other people’s books or writing philosophical treatises as a respected guest on various Internet sites, he can be found pondering tactics and strategies in the lates war game or studying metaphysics and world history. Occasionally he finds the time to instruct, judge and compete in the art of fencing; and has been known to write cinematic epic fantasies when people aren’t looking.
Cry of Justice is the first book of an initial trilogy, the third book of which he is currently composing.”

And finally, some reviews:



4 comments to Book Spotlight: Cry of Justice, Jason Pratt

  • I’m not sure if my email arrived; but you certainly have my permission to hold a giveaway for your copy, too, if you want.

    Some other review links not found at Amazon (Cheryl at her Book Nook posted up a very nice 2-star review today, btw {g}):

    Don Damassa’s Critical Mass: fairly positive micro-review from someone who never was able to get into the book.

    Peter Sykes’ Fantasy Top 100: I think he stopped doing updates shortly after reviewing CoJ, but it’s a short 4-star.

    Paranormal Romance.Org: oddly, this barely mentions the romantic aspects of the plot; but still a strong 4-starish review.

    Front Street Reviews: another strong 4-star.

    All other currently known reviews, you’ve either linked to, or are available at Amazon. (Including a short 5-star Midwest Book Review blurb; and a 4-star review from Feathered Quill.)

    Tracee has done a couple of different interviews for Zensanity (some unintentional formatting errors due to my emailer being goofy); and American Chronicle. Also a three-part interview (with each part having multiple pages!) at Divine Caroline. While the reviews cover some similar things (as might be expected) they also each have some unique material.

    My favorite interview so far, though, is probably with para-rom author Jackie Kessler for her Cat & Muse blog. {g!}

    A 50 minute audio interview is available at Inside Scoop. And readers curious about the first 20 minutes of the novel (up through the end of chapter 2, right before the first fight scene of the story) can hear me narrating in the poetic cadence of the book at (Her Book Teasers section also contains a similar 5 minute follow-up where I take snapshots of the plot and the main villains out through the end of the book.)


  • Opps: my htm coding for the Front Street Review apparently did not exist in that dojo… (trying again. {g})

  • Meghan

    Thanks for the extra links, Jason! I didn’t get your email about the giveaway – I’ll offer it up when I get back to the States as I don’t know many bloggers in the UK.

  • I though it was odd; your email arrived like it was a comment to a previous message (where I had stopped in), but the comment never seemed to show up there. So I tried replying by email. I didn’t get an EMAILFAILUREDEMON (or whatever it is {g}), but part of me kept being unsure if it had worked.