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2009 Reading

My reading has slowed way, way down this month.  I’ve only read 11 books, roughly half of what I’ve read each previous month this year.  I’ve had fairly frequent distraction in the form of a husband who has had about half the month off work due to the holiday we were saving to visit my parents.  We didn’t get to, and as a result we’ve been hanging around here, and believe me, it’s hard to read with someone who often wants attention and distraction.  I have no idea how anyone who has full-time jobs and kids manages to get anything read.  I applaud all of you.  I know that when I eventually land one of the five million jobs I’ve applied for, my reading will go way way down, as I won’t have the alone time I’m used to.

We also happened to acquire an Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago, and have shifted full on into gaming mode.  Obviously I’m still reading, but at a much reduced rate as my in-laws have taken the opportunity to buy us lots of new games.

I doubt I’m going to read another book in the next hour, and so I bring you reading statistics for 2009. I read a total of 283 books.  In genres (these don’t add up, as I’ve included some overlap):

  • Historical Fiction: 76
  • Literary Fiction: 34
  • YA: 29
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror: 88
  • Non-fiction: 23
  • Romance: 36
  • Graphic Novel: 4
  • Women’s Fiction: 8
  • Classics: 6
  • Thriller/Mystery: 11

I read 15 5-star (according to LibraryThing) books this year.  Choosing a favorite out of those fifteen is hard!  Unlike the past two years, I haven’t had a book jump out at me as an instant favorite for the year.  Those that will remain favorites include Possession by A.S. Byatt, Nothing but Ghosts by Beth Kephart, Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Emma by Jane Austen.

I definitely have some things I want to change for 2010 about my reading.  I want to read more classics for a start.  I loved five of the six I read this year and I have so many sitting around waiting for me.  I’m pleased with the non-fiction I read, but I want to read more of both history and memoirs and perhaps other topics as well as they interest me.  I also want to approach blogging differently.  I want to include more non-review posts, but while I have so many reviews left to write, it’s hard to make this a priority.  I do want to continue reviewing every book I read, so until I start to read less consistently, I will have to brainstorm.  I also want to visit more new blogs and leave more comments on the blogs I do read.  I’m still very shy on others’ blogs when I know I have no need to be.


As it is nearly upon us, I’d like to wish you all a very happy New Year!  Here is to a successful, happy, and healthy 2010 for all of us.


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