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August 2009 Wrap-Up Post

I cannot believe it’s September!  This is a terrifying month for me.  My dissertation is due and I’m actually moving, not just talking about and dreading it.  Most of the wedding planning is now under control at least, barring my immigration (of course), so I may actually be able to spend more time blogging again in a few weeks, at least until the time comes for my job hunt.  I also had a bit of a computer hiatus due to wrist pain recently, but that mostly manifested itself through me avoiding twitter, which is far too addictive for its own good.

As might be expected, I read considerably less in August than throughout the rest of the summer, but still a good amount, 19 books.  I read:

Historical Fiction


  • A Duke of Her Own, Eloisa James
  • The Treasures of Venice, Loucinda McGary
  • What Happens in London, Julia Quinn

General/Literary Fiction

  • Dragon House, John Shors
  • The Wilderness, Samantha Harvey
  • Burnt Shadows, Kamila Shamsie


  • Blood and Roses, Helen Castor


  • Club Dead, Charlaine Harris
  • Bone Crossed, Patricia Briggs

Young Adult

  • Prophecy of the Sisters, Michelle Zink

Looking at this list, the most worrying thing is how many of these books I haven’t reviewed yet.  I have eight reviews to write and while I’ve had more, I’ve never let so long go without at least reviewing the earlier ones.  I’m actually running out of reviews.  I just hope I can catch up after my draft is in tomorrow even though I have tons of other bloggy stuff to do.

So, I’ll leave you with a lovely relaxing picture of the rainforest biome at The Eden Project in Cornwall and escape back to the million things occupying my time.

img_1542How was your reading month?


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