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Currently Reading: April 30

Since I’m not particularly inclined to writing reviews right now, I thought it might be fun if I talked a little bit about the myriad of books I’m reading at the moment and how they’re going. I’m not reviewing a very big portion of my books right now, so this might be a fun way to let you all know and comment on some of the rest of those reads a bit, if you’d like.

a clash of kingsSo! First up, I’ve been re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. I re-read A Game of Thrones and found myself completely swept up in it, despite the fact that I’ve read it twice and seen the show. I’m now in the middle of A Clash of Kings and I actually love this one, too. It’s so nice to get swept back up in a world that feels familiar, and I’ve been having a strange sort of fun picking out the differences between the show and the book. There are parts of the show that I’m convinced didn’t happen, so I’m looking forward to finding out whether this is true or not.

The whole reason I am re-reading the books is that I can’t remember what happens in A Storm of Swords, which is the current book / TV show, and it is irritating me. In addition, I haven’t actually read A Dance with Dragons, which is the fifth book (although I have it in two volumes, it is one book), so re-reading these means I will finally get to it.

the sleepwalkersThe other book that I’ve been reading for what feels like a short eternity is The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark. It attempts to re-evaluate the causes of World War I, and since my husband has been interested in World War II and *its* origins, I’ve been trying this out for him as a background to the background, if that makes sense. I like history, he wants to make sure he’s reading something that will explain things to him properly, so it works out. Unfortunately this feels dense even for me, who loves history. I think it’s just because I don’t recognize any of the names or places in eastern Europe, so I quickly lose track of the significant Serbians simply because my brain doesn’t want to process their names. It’s annoying, and I’m actually very interested in the subject matter, so I’m persevering.

Finally, the last book that I’ve just started is The Doctor and the Diva by Adrienne McDonnell. I’m only about 20 pages in, so I don’t have any real thoughts on it yet, but I’ve put it off for 3 years, so I’m clearly not madly excited to read it. I’m still hopeful that it will be worth the time I intend to spend reading, though.

What are you currently reading?


4 comments to Currently Reading: April 30

  • I read The Doctor and the Diva, but I don’t remember much about it … ooops.

    I love Game of Thrones (the books) and am enjoying the show. But I’m a little confused this season because I think they are combining the two books that were published separately.
    Beth F´s last post …Today’s Read: Lowcountry Summer by Dorothea Benton Frank

  • I like the sound of The Sleepwalkers, but I know what you mean about needing some background info to make sense of some non-fiction. Of course, it’s complicated when that happens even to the background to the background :P

    Love the idea for this post, btw. I haven’t been able to review at all lately, so maybe I should try some “reading journal entry” type posts.

  • I need to get back to the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I still haven’t read beyond the first book. A shame really since I liked the first so much.

    I did a similar post today about what I’m reading. I need to get started on a couple of reviews but haven’t been able to get myself started.
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  • Sounds like The Sleepwalkers could have done with a bit more information added :/ Reading the books of Game of Thrones and comparing it to the show sounds fun, especially as you like both. I’m re-reading Persuasion and liking it a lot more this time around.
    Charlie´s last post …April 2013 Reading Round-Up