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Early Sunday Salon: Updates!

tssbadge1Tomorrow I want to leave my Georgette Heyer Classics Circuit review up, so I hope no one minds that I’m spending time in the Salon a bit early.

As you’ll know if you’ve been hanging around my blog or twitter, I started a new job this past week.  We successfully rented a flat in a week as well.  I advise you not to do this, actually.  It was incredibly stressful, and most of the stress landed on hubby who had a hard time getting me on the phone the first day while he was looking at places and then had some bad news.  We ended up taking a six hour round trip to get some items the estate agents had neglected to tell us we needed right after my first day of work, which was fun.  They told us it would take two weeks to be approved, but after some discussion discovered that it only actually needed to take three days if our employers were quick with our references.  They were, and yesterday we got the keys.  Now we’re in the process of moving and buying furniture, as this flat is bigger than our last one and we don’t own a lot of newly necessary stuff.  We also have to decide whether to sell or rent out that last one.

My first week of work was interesting.  I’m an SEO/social media analyst, but the copywriter half, so I mostly write things that search engines like, and then promote them on various social media sites.  I am now in charge of maintaining and updating a good number of blogs.  I fully intend to continue blogging here, but I was warned that I might get burned out on blogging if I do it at work all day and still have to do it at night.  Still, this blog is for fun, not for selling stuff, and I think that different mindset will help encourage me.  I’ve been enjoying my job to a degree so far.  I like writing and I think I’m pretty good at it when I try, but getting used to doing it constantly is a bit intimidating and leaves my mind totally wiped out by the end of the day.  Luckily this last week I’ve been working with the employee leaving this position, and he’s been very helpful.  So I know what I’m doing, I just have to get on doing it.  Everyone at work is very friendly and has made me feel really welcome, so I think I’ll enjoy working there eventually.

I’m also already reading vastly less.  The only book I finished this week was The Sparrow, and seriously, if I hadn’t been so into that book I probably wouldn’t have finished anything at all.  Our hotel room for the week was simply terrible – they lost my reservation on the first night, the lightbulb went out one evening and no one could find a replacement so I sat in the bathroom for a while, the bed had a peculiar plastic sheet on it and was uncomfortable anyway, the walls were so thin we could hear all our neighbors talking, and to top it off they began doing construction on the other rooms at 6 every morning.  Oh, and they didn’t actually have internet, which made all of our arrangements much harder.  I obviously have the internet at work, but I’ve been staying away from my personal sites during work hours.

I hope to do a lot of reading in the next two weeks while waiting for the internet to be connected in my new flat; it just depends how braindead I am!  We haven’t had our TV hooked up yet either, so there isn’t much else we can do.  I have reviews scheduled for the next couple of weeks, but I really have no time to comment on blogs at work.  I tried briefly today but my GR was intimidating and I’m amazingly exhausted.  Instead, I read some of Lorna Doone, which I WILL finish this month, and began The Boat to Redemption by Su Tong in my effort to complete all of my library books before maybe next weekend.  By my return to steady blogging and commenting, I hope to have a routine in place so you won’t even notice that I’m working!


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