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January 2010 Reading Wrap-up

Apparently deciding to read less means I read more.  I read 28 books this month.  I know, I was surprised too, but I’m not complaining as I still got everything done that I needed to do this month.  I read a lot of shorter and lighter books to balance out my heavier reading, so I think that’s what happened.  Please ignore my efforts to fit in the books that fit more than one category!

Historical Fiction

  • The Dark Rose, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  • The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, Lauren Willig
  • The Island of the Swans, Ciji Ware


Women’s Fiction

  • Saffron Dreams, Shaila Abdullah
  • Roses, Leila Meacham
  • Crazy for You, Jennifer Crusie (with lots of romance)

Literary Fiction


  • Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson

Paranormal Romance

  • Legend of the White Wolf, Terry Spear

Historical Romance



I also reviewed The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England. That contest is still open if you want to head over and enter!

I have trouble choosing a favorite this month, but I think it will have to be The Children’s Book. It was just such a thorough, absorbing read.  Honorable mentions, of course, go to Persepolis, The House of the Mosque, and A Suitable Boy.  I also loved The Decisive Moment and I think everyone should read it; that review is coming up later this week!

As far as I’m concerned, I’m doing a fair job diversifying my reading.  I didn’t stick too much in any one genre, barring what I call “literary” fiction.  I don’t like that label, but not sure what to replace it with.  I didn’t do very well adding in more classics, but in March I’m going to fix that.  Tasha from Heidenkind’s Hideaway and I are going to have a classics-themed month and I aim to read at least four classics.

This month, though, I’m making a goal to read more authors of color.  I’ve taken a look at my TBR pile and the authors are there, it’s just a matter of prioritizing those.  I haven’t actually decided on which big book I want to tackle this month.  I think it’s East of Eden to join in on the group read, but it mostly depends on how many review books I can read before I head home on the 11th!

How was your reading month?


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