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Library Loot – Apr 29th 2010

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’ve had to start taking out fewer books because I already reached my limit of 12!  My new library is pretty small, but they have a lot of good books.  I’m also thrilled by the fact that they have a free holds system for all the branches.  Both of my last libraries charged for holds of any kind, which I thought was pretty crappy even if I understand they have to make money somehow.

Thanks as always to Eva and Marg for hosting this meme!

Here’s what came home with me last week and this week:

  • What I Was by Meg Rosoff – Anyone who saw my review of How I Live Now shouldn’t be too surprised that I immediately picked up the next Rosoff I could find!  I was hoping for The Bride’s Farewell but figured I would take what I could get. :p  Already read this and review is coming soon.
  • Vanilla by Tim Ecott – This was an impulse pick-up.  I saw a display on vanilla beans last summer in Cornwall at The Eden Project and I was astonished at how much work it takes just to get one little bottle of vanilla.  This is a travelogue about it, which I thought sounded pretty cool.
  • Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad by Bee Rowlatt and May Witwit – This is a memoir about a series of emails written between two women starting in 2005.  Bee Rowlatt, a BBC reporter, contacted May Witwit, an English professor in Iraq, with a few interview questions and a friendship formed.  Looks just like my kind of book.
  • Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry – Tasha and I had enough fun together reading Lorna Doone that we decided to try another book!  I let her choose and so in May we’ll be reading this doorstopper together.  It’s a western historical saga, so let’s see if it can jolt me out of my boredom with the historical genre.

Have you found any good library loot lately?

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