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Six Quirky Things About Me

Trish over at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? tagged me for the Six Quirky Things about Me Meme.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should, I love reading it.  Anyway, I don’t think I’m THAT abnormal, and my main quirkiness is my obsession with history and books, which all of you know about since you’re here, reading my blog. Regardless, I guess I have some oddities, and here they are!

  1.  I must have all stickers off of books in my possession.  If there is a sticker, I will pick at it until it comes off, no matter how old or sticky it is.  I even do this to books I got when I was younger when I find them – obviously, I didn’t care that much then, but I sure do now!
  2. If any of my primary career choices fail, and I have a lot of primary career choices, number one being historian, I think I’d be a good makeup artist.  I’m good with colors and it’s fun to teach people how to do makeup properly, so that it enhances their natural beauty instead of making them look silly.
  3. I also wouldn’t mind being a race car driver.  I have a need for speed (perhaps because I am only five feet tall).  Sometimes I actually change lanes to get behind slower drivers so that I don’t go too fast without noticing.
  4. I like cheese, I like burgers, but I don’t like cheeseburgers.  My fiance says that this is strange, but then he also thinks that I have too many unread books!
  5. On the same vein, when I was little I ate ketchup out of the packet in fast food restaurants.  Not on anything, just the ketchup.  Rest assured, I no longer do this.
  6. I really like statistics.  I don’t like math of any kind, but I like to look at my graph of books read in certain years and the visitors to my blog way too much.

That’s about all that I can think of, for now – nothing too exciting on the list!  I’m going to refrain from tagging anyone else as this meme went out awhile ago (I’m sorry, Trish!) and I don’t want to re-tag anyone.  Regardless, if you weren’t tagged and you have six quirky things about you, consider yourself tagged!  Then come back here with a link so I can see your answers.


6 comments to Six Quirky Things About Me

  • Jen

    I do not like cheeseburgers either, even though I usually only like cheese melted over things. I found it odd when I moved to Chicago that ‘burger’ seems to mean cheeseburger here, not hamburger. In California, even though lots of people liked cheeseburgers, the default was hamburger. We asked “who wants cheese on their burger?” Here, when they remember, they ask, “who doesn’t want cheese?”

  • Those are some quirks alright. I always have a very strong urge to remove all the stickers from my books as well. But I don’t do it for the fear of spoiling the book.

  • I use cruise control to keep my speed down when I’m out in the middle of nowhere, so I know what you mean.

  • I always enjoy reading these; a friend of mine thought my answers were too personal when I did this meme a few months ago … I didn’t think they’re too personal, but they are ME!
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  • I obsessively remove stickers from books, too. :-) Great quirks!!

  • I don’t like stickers on my books, either. I also don’t appreciate it when stores put stickers on books that are so hard to get off that they take bits of the book jacket with them (Sam’s Club, are you listening?). So, I don’t find you quirky in that way at all. ;) The ketchup thing my daughters do and it turns my stomach every time. When they do that with butter, it’s not much better, either… I used to scrape all of the toppings off my pizza, eat the crust and then eat the toppings separately. It drove my mom crazy. I’m still not sure exactly why she cared, but I do eat my pizza like a civilized adult now.