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The Sunday Salon

tssbadge1I think it’s been weeks since I did a Sunday Salon post!  I have gotten out of the habit of blogging on weekends; usually there is a lot more going on in my life on those days than during the week.  Overall, though, I don’t have anything new to report, which is part of why I haven’t done many chatty posts lately.  I’m back in the UK after a few weeks at home.  Still no news for me on the job front, but hubby has started his new job and is working from home most of the time.  It’s weird to have him around but busy, although I have to say it’s inspired me to new diligence in my job search.  I’m not necessarily finding more jobs, but my applications are getting done a lot faster when someone else is around working.  The lack of success is getting me down, which I know is one of the reasons I’m reading more than blogging.

I have other reasons for reading a lot, too.  As usual when I go home to the US, I picked up my ARCs and review copies, many of which were owed a review a while back because I expected to be home sooner than I was.  So I frantically got through a lot of my backlog and packed an astonishing 71 books to bring back to the UK with me, without going over the weight limit!  About 50 are my own books and I’m happy to have a much wider selection.  I don’t have space for them, so a bunch of them are adorning the floor in front of the bookshelf, but I’m not going to worry about that until our flat goes on the market.  I culled quite a few before I left and donated them to my favorite charity bookstore, so I’m actually not feeling very guilty for having more unread books.

I spent this morning reading a coffee table size illustrated history of computers.  I have a bunch of non-fiction I want to get read this week before Classics Month starts up and since this had a lot of pictures, I decided to start it first.  And now I’m indulging in some urban fantasy with Magic Burns, the second in the Kate Daniels series.  And I’m leaving the rest of the week unscheduled, subject to whim, which is my favorite way to read.

If you like classics, don’t forget to tune in during March for Tasha’s and my Classics Month (her post, my post).  I’d love it if you read a few classics along with us!

That’s about all going on over here; anything exciting happening in your lives, reading or otherwise?


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