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The Sunday Salon

Since I’m still recovering from the emotional impact of Mockingjay (you’ll be able to read my spoiler-filled review tomorrow), I decided it was high time for my first Sunday Salon post in the past few weeks.  I’ve been spectacularly bad at writing more thoughtful posts these days, even when I have ideas for them, mainly because I’m so behind on reviews that whenever I feel like writing I just start in on those.  But tomorrow is a bank holiday, so I won’t be at work, and will probably have time to actually catch up on both reviews and reading blogs, if I’m lucky.

We have been meaning to go camping for the past few weekends, but still haven’t managed to get ourselves out there and do it.  Either it threatens to rain or the campsites are too full or we find some other chores we really should do around the house.  We’ve still been busy, though.  We joined English Heritage last weekend and have been to visit a couple of awesome places.

Last weekend we went to Scarborough Castle, situated ridiculously high above the seaside town of Scarborough.  The beach was packed, but the castle wasn’t, so we had plenty of space to poke around.  Like many English castles, it’s a ruin and was bombed in the Civil War to prevent its use as defense.  They still managed to use it in World War I, though.

scarborough castle

We also stumbled on Anne Bronte’s grave.  I’d had no idea she was even buried in Scarborough; she even had some flowers.  The tombstone was very weathered and it’s clear someone replaced the lettering to make it readable again.  I’m glad she’s been so well remembered.

anne bronte's grave

Just yesterday we went to Brodsworth Hall and Gardens.  Unusually the house has been left mainly as it was found when it was given to English Heritage in 1990.  It hadn’t been lived in for a number of years and the house as it stands is a charming mish-mash of different periods from its Victorian construction in the 1860’s to its final occupation in the mid 20th century.  Some of the house is formally laid out, like in the huge dining hall, and its mock Italian design is still just as beautiful as it was originally, but the wallpaper is peeling in half the house, the billiards table has had its color leached half away, and things are left mostly in disarray in the bedrooms and dining rooms.  Even the bathrooms were half modern and half chamber pots.  It gave me a surprisingly good idea about what it would be like if people actually lived there; in many cases it looked like they’d just stepped away for a minute or two.  Unfortunately pictures aren’t allowed inside, mostly because so much of the house is deteriorating, but the outside is still quite lovely.

brodsworth hall

I’m doing okay as far as reading is concerned, too.  I’ve read quite a few books this month and I’m managing to read roughly 1/3 of each type of book I have around.  Right now I’m about to start Bombay Time by Thrity Umrigar, which should be a welcome change from YA dystopia.  What will you be reading today?


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