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The Sunday Salon

Good morning Saloners! Despite the fact that we’ve lost an hour this morning, the recent spring weather and my renewed time for reading, blogging, and other favourite tasks has me feeling surprisingly cheerful. We went for a walk around town yesterday and being greeted with daffodils in every area of greenery is welcome, even if we did have a lack of sun up north. Yellow is my favourite colour, so it’s inevitable that I am happier every spring. Summer is coming – at last! In many ways, this winter has felt like an eternity.

Daffodils always seem to be around York’s most historic places – surrounding the walls, on the motte of Clifford’s Tower, and around the gravestones of Holy Trinity Church, tucked away from the bustle of a small city on a nice day.

trinity springThis is the way that York’s history surrounds you, but sneaks up on you at the same time – little hidden alcoves, monumental historic discoveries just left for the curious passerby to find on her own. There is so much here, and I am even now still exploring.

In reading news, things are picking up nicely; I finished 3 books this week, and I’m on track to finish a fourth today, a lovely chunkster about a mystery surrounding the mass production of penicillin during World War II, A Fierce Radiance by Lauren Belfer. I actually managed to write a review directly after I finished a book yesterday, which reminded me how much I like writing about books in the first place. With all of the old obligations on writing gone, I can remember that yes, I do like writing, and yes, I like blogging. I started for a reason.

In fact, this Sunday holds more reading – I have a book to finish, after all – and I’d like to get started on completing my outstanding reviews. After my mini-reviews this week, there aren’t that many left, and I’m looking forward to having a clean slate for once. I’d definitely like to achieve that before Easter, when I’m heading home to visit my parents for the first time in many months.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


4 comments to The Sunday Salon

  • Isn’t it great to be done with obligations? I don’t feel obliged to do much of anything anymore, blog-wise…well, except for a 30-day photo challenge I’m in for April, a regular Sunday Salon post…okay, never mind. ;)

    I’m with you on the daffodils. I just saw some outside the library where I work and am so glad spring is finally here.

  • Yay for spring! Our winter was more like spring and it feels like summer here now.

  • I too have been long awaiting the start of spring, winter felt like it went on for an age. My home town is now covered in daffodils :-)

    So glad to hear your reading has picked back up, look forward to some more reviews.

  • I love the yellow flowers of spring. And it’s great that you are getting to head home to see your parents. Have a great trip.