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The Sunday Salon: A Bad Reading Streak

Honestly, I had a really great idea for what to write about in this week’s Sunday Salon; unfortunately, I’ve completely forgotten it in the midst of a busy week. Stress at work generally means that when I get home, I just want to sit around and vegetate. You can even tell by my reading yesterday. I sat down and just read Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers and Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas, having my own mini-read-a-thon in the midst of a Saturday afternoon!

It doesn’t help that I’ve been on a bad reading streak. I’ve abandoned two library books and forced myself to finish two review copies in just two weeks. Looking back at my reading, there was a fifth book I didn’t like in the week before those as well. I can’t even remember the last time this has happened to me. I’ve gotten so spoiled by knowing what I like so well that it genuinely throws me off when I start to read a book which sounded great when I requested it or checked it out, but turns out to be really terrible. Even my husband noticed that I was dissatisfied with everything I was reading. Hence my reading spree yesterday – I knew I would love both those books, and it was an absolute relief to find out I was correct! Now I’m comfortably ensconced in Icons of England, a collection edited by Bill Bryson of all the things others love about England and, more specifically, the English countryside. Unfortunately I’m now wary of all the other books on my shelf – what if I don’t like another one of them?

So, the plan for this Sunday is more comfort reading, and more Assassin’s Creed II, my latest gaming obsession, before heading back to work tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll also manage a few reviews – I have six to write. This brings up another point; as I mentioned, I have two DNF library books to return tomorrow, and I’m not sure whether to write about them a bit or not. Since I so rarely abandon books, I’ve never really thought about it before. Would you be interested in knowing why I haven’t finished a book?

What do you do to get yourself out of a bad reading streak?


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  • Courtney Summers has saved the day for me several times after bad reading streaks!
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  • Depends on how bad the reading streak is – if it’s not so bad, I’ll pick up a book I’m sure I’ll like; if it’s really bad, I’ll reread old favorites for a while until I start to want something new again.

    And I think you should write about your DNFs, even briefly. It’ll help you get clear what you did and didn’t like about them so you’ll be better able to remember and pick in the future, and it might help people shorten their TBR stacks. Consider it readers advisory!
    Fyrefly´s last post …George R R Martin &amp Gardner Dozois – Songs of Love and Death

  • I pick up something light – like chick lit, a graphic novel or YA. You’ll get through this and find plenty of books to love.

  • Whew. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I had a really bad start to this year with several DNFs, and I did write about them collectively — and briefly. I think it would be good for you to do the same. I’m sure your readers would be interested in hearing why you didn’t like a book even if it’s the “next big thing.”

    How I’ve gotten out of it is to just keep plugging away. Now the problem is last night I finished what probably will be the best book I will read this year and now I’m wondering what to read next, because whatever I read, it’s going to be a let down. I just know it.
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  • I agree about writing about your DNF’s. If your reader’s take their advice from you about what to read next, which I am sure they do, then I am guessing they would want to know what to steer clear of too!
    Amused´s last post …Personal Reneissance

  • I just keep going through books until I hit on one that captures my interest finally. Bad reading streaks are great for reducing the TBR pile, I’ll say that much for them. Maybe you’re just in the winter blahs and things will pick up in spring.

    I say if the reasons you didn’t finish the books are interesting, you should totally review them!
    heidenkind´s last post …Woodland Reflections- The Art of Truman Lowe by Jo Ortel

  • I’m glad you made it out of the swamp! It’d be interesting to hear why the two DNF’s did not keep your attention – and how far you got before giving up. Maybe other readers out there will have different perspectives, too. Have a lovely week!
    Carrie C.´s last post …The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake- Especially When Buzzed on Coffee

  • kay

    When bad reading streak happen, I’ll try to turn to an author or a series I know I enjoy. Or a different type of books. Sometimes I’ll just completely set books aside and read magazines for a day or two. That usually do the trick!
    You could definitely review them, even briefly. I always find interesting to know why someone didn’t finish a book.
    kay´s last post …Review – The Queen’s Pawn

  • diana mack

    of course you have to write about the dnf’s…they are part of your reading experience and it could save someone with similiar reading tastes the time!
    if i hit a slump i always reread a favorite… helps!

  • I am having the same streak! For me it is only 3 books, but they were books I thought I was going to love and then had to force myself to finish. This very rarely happens to me, so I am very disappointed!

  • I don’t think you should write a review on the DNF books because you didn’t read them to the end. Having said that, I’d be interested in what made you decide to put them aside. How long do you spend with a book before you decide it’s not worth it? Do you feel guilty? I’m surprised when I don’t enjoy a book, but I’m quick to put it aside when it does happen and I’m glad to embrace the next in my pile.
    Tracey´s last post …The Crime of Huey Dunstan – James McNeish