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The Sunday Salon: Back Online

tssbadge1After a few phone calls on Tuesday evening, I managed to get my internet back up and running.  I can’t say I appreciated it until it was gone!  But now I am very glad to be back and able to see what’s happening.  I have to say that I still haven’t managed to comment much, just because I had so many posts to read.  It was overwhelming.  I managed to clear out the Google Reader, though, so I should be appearing a bit more around the blogosphere now that I feel like I can take time to comment and work through every day.

On Friday, I finally received the results for my MA, and I have very proudly passed, and done quite well considering how the year began.  I received what was possibly the worst grade of my life on my first essay, due to a combination of one professor somewhat misleading me about the quality of my essay and my own misunderstandings, and my confidence took a hit.  But I received a Distinction on my dissertation, which is the equivalent of an A, and I’m thrilled that all my hard work paid off and I can once again feel like the possibilities of academia are open to me should I choose to pursue them.

This Friday is meant to be my visa appointment, but I’m not sure we’re going to make it, and I might have to mail my documents in instead.  You see, I wanted to change my name on my passport after I got married, but before I got my visa, to avoid the extra hassle of carrying a marriage license every time I travel for the next two years.  This turns out to have been a mistake.  Rather than returning my new passport in the promised 15 working days, it’s now been over 20, and I’m worried.  I know they received it and charged me for the renewal, so I’ll be calling the US Embassy if it doesn’t get here tomorrow, and I hope they know what’s happened to it.

Finally, amusingly similar to my last Salon post, I am reading Sookie Stackhouse again.  I was excited to find the last three books in the series at the library yesterday and I’ve read two since then (I’ll have more library loot later this week!).  I’m still really enjoying these books and they are definitely taking my mind off my worries.  I had to leave book 9 at the library because I was at my limit, but I’ll be picking it up next week I hope.  I’m also reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang, which I’m absolutely loving.  This is a memoir I’m reading for the Women Unbound challenge about three generations of women in China.  It’s a wonderful combination of history and family relationships, which I particularly enjoy.  My last read is Angels of Destruction by Keith Donoghue.  I’m not really enjoying this as much as I thought I was going to, which is a disappointment at 100 pages in, but it’s a review copy I was supposed to review a long time ago, so I’ve got to get on with it.

What are you reading this Sunday?


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