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The Sunday Salon: BBAW is Coming!

I am behind on almost everything these days (except my work, which my boss will probably be happy to hear) but I’m determined not to be this week!  That’s because it’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and even though I have probably about 10 reviews to write, they’re all going on the backburner for this week’s awesome festivities.  I really want to visit new blogs and comment on far more posts than I have been lately, so let’s hope I can actually achieve that goal.  I certainly haven’t been achieving it recently.

In other news, my Kindle 3 arrived last week.  I wasn’t sure whether to do an official review of it or not, since so many people are anti-Amazon, but it really is a fantastic little device.  It was the obvious choice for me but even so I’m actually surprised by how pleased I am with it.  Reading on it is ridiculously easy and I’m pretty sure I’m consuming books as fast as ever.  I’ve read 4 on there and I’ve only had it for a week and a half; I’ve read a number of real books in that time, too.  I love that it makes buying new more affordable for me, so I can support publishers and authors more than I did before.  They get less money for ebooks, but I’m sure it’s more than when I buy books from charity shops.  I’m definitely keeping to my aim of using it for books I don’t think I’d want to keep, and still buying in hard copy those that I think I’ll be rereading and want to have on my shelves for the rest of my life.  I did end up finding a local used bookstore, so I’ve been haunting there as well; far from replacing my need for paper books, my Kindle has just supplemented it, and I feel like I can spread my money more equally.

As much as I like it, though, my husband likes it even more.  He said just yesterday that Apple is always busy talking about their magical devices, but Amazon has created a device that is *actually* magical.  I’m sure part of his excitement is the fact that there will be fewer books lying around, but based on my purchasing even with it, that benefit is probably not as great as he thinks!  He claims to find holding paper books awkward, but has no problem with the Kindle, especially as holding it and clicking the button to turn pages is so natural.

That’s about it for me; I’d better get catching up on some reviews before my online book club starts.  I’m very much looking forward to this coming week and I hope you are too!


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