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The Sunday Salon: Still Existing

Hello everyone! I’ve just taken what is almost definitely the longest blogging break since I started blogging. My life over the last two weeks has been absolutely ridiculous, and to be honest, not in the best possible way, as it has mostly consisted of work and work-related activities. Fortunately, in some respects at least, things are finally calming down, and I’m actually hoping to post some reviews this week and start putting thought back into my blog. This is definitely good news for me, and I hope it’s good news for all of you, too; I’ve missed blogging, and it’s strange to think how much I’ve organised my reading life around this little corner of the internet over the past nearly five years.

Another massive time suck I’ve encountered this past week has been Mass Effect 3. I’m a gamer as well as a reader, and I’ve been looking forward to this game since I finished the first two – obsessively in succession – back in December. So far, it’s fantastic. I’ve heard very uncertain things about the ending, but I’m going to reserve judgement until I actually get there, which will probably happen at some point this week. Then I will really be back to reading and blogging, at least until another gaming obsession decides to take over my life. In the meantime, this one is certainly satisfying my need for science fiction and incredible, engulfing narratives and characters. That may not be what you expect from a video game, but this has been an epic three-part experience and I am seeing it through to the end.

Since the craziness ended roughly this past Thursday, I’ve been reading, too. I’ve read several very good romance novels, which I needed as stress relief, and I’ve even managed some non-fiction with Lucy Worsley’s If Walls Could Talk. I’d already watched the TV show, which aired on British television several months back, but the book filled in some gaps and was very entertaining reading. You’ll be hearing more about it soon. I also, a bit further back, read The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal, which I’m still organising my thoughts around in preparation for writing a review.

Anyway, I do hope to be back in full force this week – I even managed to leave some comments over the past couple of days, which I’d sorely missed doing. I’m at some point going to hit the dreaded “mark all as read” button, though – so if you’ve posted something and you’d love me to have a look, please do say so in the comments, and I’ll pop over to visit.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you all have fantastic Sundays!


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