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TSS: A Long Week

tssbadge1This week felt like it crawled by. I started my new job a couple of weeks ago, and while I think it’s going to be miles better than my old job for a variety of reasons, the newness of it wipes me out. The actual type of work isn’t new, but learning a new process and meeting new people and getting used to everything is flat out exhausting. Not to mention the fact that I now have a real commute, which I never had before. In my first job, I could walk to work, and in my last job, a friend nearby who worked at the same company took me in. Now, I walk to the train station, take the train, and walk to work, which means I actually leave home almost an hour earlier than I used to. I do realize that this simply means I was absurdly lucky for three years and it’ll be fine once I’m used to it, but two weeks isn’t long enough to get used to it.

There is one huge perk to this travelling, though, and it’s the fact that I’m reading far more. I’ve finished 8 books so far this month, double what I’d read in January or February so far, which feels fantastic. My TBR number is going down! I have more reviews to write in order to catch up, but it’s really nice to have 50 minutes every day that are set aside just to read.

The other perk? I now work in the middle of a city, which means I have access to more or less anything I like at lunchtime. This does lead to impulse purchases, like these adorable shoes:


I’ve also recently discovered that there is an American candy shop both in my new work city and where I live, which means there will be lots more of this in my life:


That makes me happy, too. I love root beer and it’s been really hard to find in the UK, at least the American style root beer that I like, but no longer.

So, this week might have been long, and I might be a little overwhelmed by the new job, but it’s not all bad by any means!


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