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TSS: Almost Caught Up!

Good afternoon Saloners! This weekend finds me in full force blogging mode, in a way that hasn’t been spotted around here for a while. I’ve managed to write two full weeks’ worth of posts this week, so the pressure is off for the first time in months. I still have four reviews left to write, but given I started the weekend with eleven, I’m counting that as serious progress. As long as I don’t read too much, I can finish off those reviews over the course of the week and be completely caught up by the end of next weekend. Then, obviously, the goal is to stay caught up until the Read-a-thon. Speaking of which, have you signed up yet? Let me know if you’ll also be reading with me!

My week has been very uneventful aside from that; just work, a moderate amount of reading, and some Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood keeping me busy. We’re just over two weeks away from our trip to Rome, so keeping it low key is the plan until then. I’m going to spend a large part of the next two weekends planning out the trip in a bit more detail and it’s hard to express just how much I’m looking forward to it.

Today I’m reading Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell, the latest in the Saxon Chronicles, which follow Uhtred of Bebbanburg as the discordant countries of Britain become, in part, the kingdom of England. In this particular book, Alfred the Great is on the edge of death, but the battles and intrigue never end for Uhtred, especially because he hasn’t actually regained Bebbanburg from his treacherous relatives yet. I love this series and I was thrilled when I was offered a review copy. As it turns out, Cornwell is also touring parts of England this week. Sadly, he’s not in my neck of the woods, but if you’re in London, Ely, or Winchester, you’re in luck.

As it turned out, I didn’t get to meet Philippa Gregory this week, as tickets had sold out before I knew she was visiting. (Probably a good thing given my opinion of her latest). But my heart is still set on meeting Brandon Sanderson in November, and I’m hoping more authors come to York over the next few months.

This week I’m especially looking forward to starting The Night Circus, a book which has captivated many of my blogging friends, and possibly continuing with more non-fiction. I finally feel as though I have the brain power to learn again, and I’m very much taking advantage of that feeling while it lasts.

What are you reading this week? Anything you’d recommend?


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