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TSS: Books I Just Can't Seem to Get To, 2011 edition

Towards the end of last year, I shared with you a number of books that I was excited about, but somehow just didn’t manage to read. Unfortunately, there are two books on that list that I *still* haven’t made time for (Generation A andThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay), but I also have a crop of 2011 books which were exciting to receive, but which I’ve simply not read for whatever reason. Am I going to read them in the next 3 weeks? Probably not – but it would be nice to squeeze in at least one of them before we ring in the New Year.

At Home, Bill Bryson – I never fail to enjoy a Bill Bryson book, though some more than others, and I have no idea why this one has been sitting on the shelf since I got it for my birthday last January. It has all the little details that I love about the history of the home, but somehow that hasn’t persuaded me to actually dig in.

Full Dark, No Stars, Stephen King – Another birthday gift from 2011. The fact that I haven’t read this nor Under the Dome despite the fact that I actively love Stephen King’s books means that I haven’t picked up 11/22/63 yet either. I’m a bit disappointed in myself here, this isn’t even a chunkster and should actually be a fairly speedy read once I open it up.

Leviathan Wakes, James S. A. Corey – I bought this one this summer, and while only 6 months ago, I’ve been looking forward to it an incredible amount, so I’m not really sure why it has remained over there on the shelf. I can always use a good space opera, so I’m sure this will get read once I feel I can spare it time (it’s a chunkster).

Wedlock, Wendy Moore – I simply can’t believe I’ve owned this book for a year and a half without reading it. Non-fiction about a Georgian couple, this book immediately captured my interest from the shelf in the store but has unfortunately sat patiently on my shelf ever since.

Naamah’s Curse and Naamah’s Blessing, Jacqueline Carey – I adored Carey’s Kushiel series and went through a phase where I read everything she wrote, no matter how chunky. Now, although I’ve read the first book in this particular trilogy, I haven’t managed to finish it up with these two. I think it’s chunkster syndrome, but since I haven’t read these, I’m not allowing myself to get her newest book yet, either.

These are only a few of many that stare accusingly at me from my “unread” bookshelves. What books have you struggled to find time for this year?


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