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TSS: Catching Up

Good morning everyone. I’m devoting this morning to catching up – on blogging, on fellow blog posts, on commenting. This past week was BBAW and it seemed like such a fantastic week. I only had a chance to post once, but I did have an opportunity to look around your blogs and leave comments on some posts, which I don’t do nearly often enough. I loved reading in particular about books that everyone loved, and the BBAW interview swap, both of which I missed. And, of course, thank you to everyone for your support on my own post. I am so grateful to have you all still interested and reading on a regular basis.

This week has been fairly busy for me, with only two evenings free and one of those spent gaming, the other spent cleaning (exciting, I know). We’ve not ventured anywhere particularly exciting this weekend, either, as my husband has an exam coming up and has been more diligent about studying. It’s also looking very rainy today, so less than ideal for a walk outdoors. I’d hoped for one last weekend spent camping, but I don’t think it’s going to happen this year.

Fortunately, what I do have to look forward to is a trip to Edinburgh in November for the first time; we’re going for a long weekend away and going to see our very first Final Fantasy concert. I’m also going to Barcelona for a week for work in October and hoping to actually see the city at some point, so the rest of the year isn’t all going to be stuck at home. And when my own city is full of beautiful history, I can’t complain all that much.

York Minster

On the reading front, I progressed incredibly slowly through 1356 by Bernard Cornwell this week, which was not the book’s fault; I’ve finished and I’m still pondering what to read next. I have Fledgling by Octavia Butler coming for the upcoming A Diverse Universe blog tour and I’m going to be reading Blackout by Mira Grant very soon as well. Speaking of Mira Grant / Seanan McGuire, I have Friday off work and I’m actually hoping to have an October Daye read-a-thon so I can get to Ashes of Honor, but I can’t decide if I’m patient enough yet to read five books before I get to the latest one. Lots of fantasy and science fiction, just the way I like it these days.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead – let me know what you’re looking forward to!


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