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TSS: Currently, 30.03.14

tssbadge1Time // Late Sunday afternoon, 17:15

Place // Same desk as always

Eating // We’ll be having a beef rogan josh for dinner – an experiment from Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals

Drinking // Just water at the moment

Reading // I’m not reading anything right now. I finished Panic by Lauren Oliver this afternoon and Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan yesterday. I’m pondering what to nominate for the Hugos and still not firm on what to choose. I’m going to have to pick something eventually, there’s just one day left. No idea what I’m going to read next. Kingmaker by Toby Clements is next up on the TBR pile, but I’m not sure I’m in the mood for the Wars of the Roses. I might keep my head in fantasy while I ride out the next couple of stressful weeks.

Watching // Still watching a crazy number of shows and mostly just seem interested in making it worse for myself! We seem to be sticking with Red Dwarf right now and Breaking Bad when there’s more time in the evenings. I started watching Call the Midwife for when my husband is too busy with his final university course to watch with me. He’s never a huge fan of historical dramas, but that doesn’t mean I have to miss out.

Cooking // I’ve been cooking a little bit. As mentioned above, I’m attempting a Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal later on tonight, and am trying to get back into it. Some, at least.

Learning // Back to the crocheting. I finished this interesting-looking frog just yesterday:

crochet frog

He’s not perfect, primarily because I ran out of the light green yarn before I could make his eyes, but it’s been a while since I actually finished a crochet project, so I’m just happy to have one done.

Gaming // I’m not sure I’ve even touched a game since the last time I played Halo 3 weeks ago. Oh, I tell a lie – I have played a little bit of Final Fantasy XIII, just to try and finish that game once and for all. With 2 sequels it can’t be that dreadful.

Loving/Hating // Loving the daffodils, the occasional nice days, the sunshine. I’ve been doing the 100 Happy Days challenge for the last week and making more of an effort to find things that make me happy. It’s working, a little, although at the same time I worry that it means I’m giving off this false message of perfect happiness to the social media world. Definitely not true. It’s reminding myself that happiness is a choice; that I can focus on the lovely things that make life wonderful and ignore everything that is getting me stressed and depressed. Ignore maybe isn’t the right word, but I have a bad habit of remaining worried and stressed about things that I either can’t help or can’t do anything about at a given time.

Anticipating // The end of the current round of stress at work. I had a moment two weeks ago when I thought things weren’t too bad and the universe seems to have decided to punish me for it. I want to go back to thinking things are not too bad. I’m hoping that time will come in a couple of weeks, but we’ll see.

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5 comments to TSS: Currently, 30.03.14

  • Bookgazing

    Yes learning its dangerous to think everything is ok… But I know what you mean about hanging on to things that make you feel stressed. You need to be able to let them go when you exit directly stressed situation (I need to get better at doing this too).

    I love your frog! I think it’s nice to use two different colours anyway, makes him pop.

  • heidenkind

    When I was really depressed and stressed out last year, I started a journal where I wrote down 3 things I was grateful for that day, just to remind myself there were good things in my life. It helped, a little. Time and changing circumstances helped more.

  • I wonder if I bought Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals I would actually USE it. I am so bad for that… Where are you posting 100Happydays? I was doing it on Instagram, but there are issues with commenting and I am behind.

    I hope things get better for you soon!
    Kailana´s last post …Once Upon a Time VIII

  • Aw, I love your little frog! It’s the cutest little frog ever!

    I have that same bad habit about staying focused on things I can’t control or can’t change. It’s a tough one to break. My two best ways of dealing with it are:

    1) Playing “A my name is Alice” quietly with myself. It requires enough focus that you can’t keep fretting about the other stuff, but not so much that it stresses you out itself.

    2) This is so dumb, but reading these four lines from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: “The moving finger writes, and having writ / Moves on, nor all your piety nor wit / Shall lure it back to cancel half a line, / Nor all your tears wash out a word of it.” I can feel my muscles relaxing as I type that. I don’t know why it makes me feel so much better but it does.
    Jenny @ Reading the End´s last post …Review: Silence Once Begun, Jesse Ball

  • I’ve been thinking of doing 100 happy days too, probably on Instagram. I’m not down, but I tend to take the good things for granted.
    Beth F´s last post …The eMerging eReader #5: Let’s Get Reading