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TSS: Easter Sunday

To all of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!  When I was little, Easter was my favorite holiday.  According to my mom, I wouldn’t leave the mall until I’d seen the Easter bunny – every time!  I’m used to Easters away from my family, though, because my undergrad university, Brandeis, had vacations mainly for Jewish holidays, so I always had Passover off, but spent Easter weekend at school since we rarely had more than Good Friday off.  This year is no different; instead I’m spending the day with my fiance and a library copy of Tournaments in England from 1100-1400 by Juliet Barker.  Exciting stuff, isn’t it? =)

Actually, what I’m really excited about is next weekend’s 24 hour Read-a-Thon.  I never got involved while Dewey was alive and I regret that, so I’m throwing myself into this one with quite a bit of excitement.  I’ve always been good at marathon reading – I used to pride myself on the numbers of books I could read when home sick – and I’m hoping I can both knock a few titles off my TBR pile and have a lot of fun.  I’ll have quite a bit of work to do this week to free up those 24 hours, but I bet it will be worth it!  My fiance has made me a spreadsheet so I can keep track of my time, books and pages read without much effort and I’ve got a neat little stack of books waiting.  I’ll probably only add to it as this week goes on just to give myself more choices, though.  At the moment, I have:

  • Ender’s Shadow, Orson Scott Card
  • It Happened One Autumn, Lisa Kleypas
  • Oakleaf Bearers, John Flanagan
  • The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, Julia Quinn
  • Old Man’s War, John Scalzi
  • Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris
  • And Only to Deceive, Tasha Alexander
  • Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer
  • The Well of Lost Plots, Jasper Fforde

So far, I’ve attempted to pick books that aren’t serious and aren’t too deep or that I’m very, very excited about reading, with lots of choices in case one doesn’t grab me.  I’d have more YA, but don’t have much with me, so I think a trip to the library may be in order before Saturday.  I haven’t included any review copies since I think they require more attention than I’ll be able to give them while sleep-deprived and with several books going around in my brain at once.

Are you taking part in the Read-a-Thon?  Any exciting books on your list or advice for a first-timer?


10 comments to TSS: Easter Sunday

  • Happy Easter to you! We haven’t gotten to see our son on Easter since he started college – they don’t get any days off.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Happy Easter

  • Happy Easter! I’m reading the Ender series, but I’m only in book two.

    I hope that you enjoy the read-a-thon! I really wanted to participate, but next Saturday I am going to be at the Oregon Adult Band Festival performing and watching other bands, so I won’t be able to participate. I’m hoping to participate in the next one though.

    Alyce’s last blog post..The Sunday Salon – Happy Easter!

  • I’m glad you’ll be able to join the read-a-thon this time! The speadsheet is an excellent idea. As for the books, Old Man’s War is a great choice…fast paced and hard to put down. Everything is Illuminated, as much as I love it, I’m not sure if I’d recommend…it can be a bit dense at times, and it’s slow-going at first.

    Happy Easter!

    Nymeth’s last blog post..The Sunday Salon – Read-a-thon and Printz Project

  • I just posted a list of books too! Mine are mostly YA since I bought a bunch a while back when I read about the Thon. My post is here if you want to take a look. I loved Dead Until Dark. I’d definitely suggest getting a couple more from that series because they are quick and entertaining reads. The spreadsheet is a great idea. I’m going to have to do that too. Any plans for posting during the Thon?

    Laza’s last blog post..Read-a-Thon Details

    • Meghan

      I’m hoping to post every two hours! Thanks for the rec about the rest of that series – I’m getting the second from the library before Saturday. =)

  • Happy Easter, Meghan!

    I can’t wait for the Readathon either! I will have probably 30 books set aside. ;)

    Amy @ My Friend Amy’s last blog post..The Weekly Review: Week Ending April 11

  • I have It happenned one autumn too. Isn’t it one of the books in the Wallflower series? I read one of the other books in the same series called Secrets of a summer night. I loved it.
    Happy belated Easter…

    • Meghan

      I think it’s the second one in the Wallflower series. I meant to wait until I had the first, but it’s not in my library so I figured I’d just read the one I had.

  • I have three piles of books ready for Saturday. All are quick reads from the library. All are from my TBR list. I have them sorted by the order I’m going to probably read them. I have mystery, science fiction, YA, romance, fantasy and horror! I’m starting with Fahrenheit 451.

    Morphidae’s last blog post..Pros and Cons of Overeating (or Not)

  • Whoops. My last post has my weight loss blog instead of my “other” blog.

    Morphidae’s last blog post..Books for Dewey’s 24 Read-a-Thon