March 2024
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TSS: Flood

This past week, we had a flood here in York. One of the most popular pictures going around on Facebook was Clifford’s Tower, our last particularly visible remnant of York’s two castles, surrounded with water. Here’s one of them, which was shared by English Heritage earlier this week:

photo from English Heritage

York floods frequently as a result of being in a valley and situated in between two rivers, the Fosse and the Ouse. In short, the reason for the town’s location and, in the past, prosperity, results in the flood which threaten it. usually it’s the Ouse that floods. Usually the floods don’t get far enough to do much other than overflow the river’s banks and get in the racecourse and the gardens, but this one was worse than usual. We were fortunately unaffected, although some drains overflowed just two streets away from ours and did get into people’s houses and a local pub’s cellar, but it served as a stark reminder that we’re never too far from Mother Nature’s wrath, even in a country which doesn’t suffer from the natural phenomenons that plague so many others. The flood is now receding, and I’m hoping the recovery for the people and livelihoods harmed by it is smooth and quick.

In reading news, I’ve spent most of the week buried in Blackout by Mira Grant. It’s been strange to read this straight after reading Ashes of Honor, which is written by the same author under her real name. The books have very different feels to them, except for a few things, one of which is the way both main characters absolutely crave a particular caffeinated drink. For one, it’s coffee, for the other, it’s Coke – and I don’t really remember reading too many main characters with such obvious addictions. Definitely curious, but both are fantastic books and well worth your time.

I’m now about halfway through Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and hoping to finish today to round off this month’s reading. Can’t believe, as usual, that tomorrow is October, and we are well and truly into fall, but at least this season is perfect for curling up under a blanket with a great book.

How was your week? Anything exciting coming up for you in October?


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