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TSS: July 2012 Reading Wrap-Up

July was a busy month, and in the most delightful of ways; I spent a lot of it travelling! Just over a week in Europe with a couple friends from home and another weekend camping a bit further up north in County Durham. We also spent last weekend with my husband’s family, which meant that I didn’t have a single quiet weekend all month. (I’m making up for it today).

As always happens, the reading and blogging have suffered somewhat for all this fun. I read just 9 books in July, which is only slightly over two a week, and not really enough to sustain the pace that I was hoping for in terms of reviews – not that I’ve had huge amounts of time to write those reviews, in actuality. I was also incredibly good about buying books and didn’t purchase a single print book in all of July. I’m making up for that now:

Atop this pile is the new second Kindle in our household; that’s right, my husband decided to purchase a Kindle. He has preferred mine to actual books for a while and I was personally hoping that Waterstone’s would get their own e-reader and supply a viable alternative to Amazon. Instead, they partnered with Amazon, and when a discount arrived in my email on Friday, the time had clearly arrived. I, on the other hand, made up for the purchase from the evil giant by buying four new books from my local bookstore, on the bottom there. I’ve been longing for three of those books for a long time and The Popes called out to me from the table as well.

Anyway! What did I read in July?

  • Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson
  • The Way to a Duke’s Heart, Caroline Linden
  • A Lady by Midnight, Tessa Dare
  • The Making of Modern Britain, Andrew Marr
  • The Wicked Ways of a Duke, Laura Lee Guhrke
  • How to Survive the Titanic, Frances Wilson
  • The Iron King, Julie Kagawa
  • Unholy Ghosts, Stacia Kane
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Winifred Watson

Favourites of the Month

red marsmiss pettigrew lives for a day

Yes – unsurprisingly, the two books I actually managed to review, I appreciated the most. I had a lot to say about these two lovely books, completely different but appreciated all the same, and I am very happy that I read both of them.

How was your July?


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