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TSS: March is Beginning

tssbadge1I have no history on the brain for all of you today.  In fact, I’ve, quite frankly, had enough of history right now.  I’ve spent the past three days writing an essay on Henry V, which is now ready for editing by my supervisor, and researching for my dissertation proposal, tentatively titled Chivalry in the Reign of Edward IV, not to mention the reading I’m doing for class on Monday.  I’m considering starting a weekly historical feature, and I do have to prepare some posts for Early Medieval Britain, but I just don’t have it in me to do either of those things this weekend.  So I will be focusing my post on other things.

Aside from Edward IV: A Source Book today I plan on finishing two things; Watchmen by Alan Moore and Mr Impossible by Loretta Chase.  I think Watchmen may have been a little too heavy for my mood, in all honesty, but it’s really interesting.  It’s my first graphic novel and I didn’t really know what to expect from it.  I like how I can almost use the pictures to make a movie in my head.  It definitely makes up for lack of text, although I had to spend some time getting used to it first.  I think a lot of the meaning has gone over my head due to my mental focus right now, but I can certainly pick up some.  I’m looking forward to foisting it on my brilliant fiance and getting him to tell me what it means, and then we’ll go see the film.

As for Mr. Impossible, let’s just say I need that fluff pretty desperately.  It’s not good enough to keep me up at night but it lets my brain go off on a nice vacation.  It’s also set in Egypt, which makes it more interesting right now.  My romances are exclusively historical and in large part set in England, which I prefer, but it’s nice to travel somewhere else when the rest of my life is about England.  Mostly, I am really looking forward to Wednesday, because then I will be handing in both the proposal and the essay (for editing) and I won’t have to think about them for days, or at least until my supervisor tells me what he thinks of them.  It’s also Keith’s birthday, so we will be celebrating!

This week, I have reviews coming up for Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn (I will finally be getting to her next two books after Wednesday) and The Witch’s Trinity by Erika Mailman.  I really enjoyed both of them.  I read The Witch’s Trinity the same day that I received it in the mail, in fact.  I’d written 3/4 of my essay and decided to take a break.  It was a good break!  I’d also like to do a monthly wrap-up post for February, but that will probably be on Thursday.

Wishing everyone a lovely week and see you back here next Sunday!


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