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TSS: Pardon My Dust and Piles of Books

I’m combating my own laziness and restlessness this weekend by making a few changes around here. Bloggy maintenance always seems to be last on my list, and while it isn’t essential, I still do spend a lot of time on my blog and commenting on others’ blogs, so I might as well make it a bit more comfortable around here. The biggest change is my “Read in” tabs – I hadn’t updated them since 2009! I didn’t think anyone noticed until I actually got an email from a reader who wondered what happened to them. I made a new one for 2011 and am planning on combining the old ones together. I have to add in 2010 and all the links in to the older blog posts as well.

I’m also planning on reconsidering the sidebars and what’s in them and adding in some new headers. The affiliate links are also going to take some thought. So, hopefully within a few days it will be a little bit different and nicer on the blog! Please ignore if things look a bit strange for the next week or two. I’ve also been thinking about a custom redesign, but it’s not in the financial cards just yet.

Also getting a bit organized, or disorganized as it may appear to the casual visitor, I have been making piles of books and I thought I’d share them with you. I have three hanging out on my TBR bookcase right now. The first one here is my Once Upon a Time V pile. I also plan to poach from this for the Read-a-thon, if I feel like it.

once upon a time v

The second pile is the actual Read-a-thon pile. I know it’s two weeks away, but I got excited, and we’ll be away next weekend to visit my MIL for British mother’s day, so what time better than now to put it together? The pile kept getting too heavy on the romance – I seem to read short books faster than long ones – but I think the mix looks good now. I’ll be at the library in a couple of weeks to get a few more non-fiction books in there.

readathon apr 2011Lastly, my regular “immediate” TBR pile. I’ve mentioned before that I like to rotate through my books, reading equally from library, review, and own piles. This short term TBR stack switches between them, and I fill in the bottom with the next type of book as I go. I let myself choose other books or take something out of the middle of the pile sometimes, but generally I try to just get through all nine of them to keep to the mix. The current pile should take me about two weeks.

immediate tbrAnd that’s it from me today. I’m off to continue reading Monsieur Montespan, a novel set in seventeenth century France about a rare loving marriage, but one in which the Marquis’s wife has caught the eye of King Louis XIV.

Do you have any piles of books lying around your house?

I am an Amazon Associate. Some of the books mentioned / pictured above may have been sent to me for review.


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