May 2024
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TSS: Progress

Good morning Saloners! As I expected, my week hasn’t actually involved as much reading as normal, because I’ve been busy writing. As of yesterday, I had 8,606 words, which is just slightly above where Nano writers should be right now. I’m hoping to get a little further ahead today; that’s because it’s much, much harder to devote time to writing during the week than it is on the weekend. In fact, I didn’t write anything on Friday, so I need to prepare a bit better for that going forward. I have no idea where the story is going, so I’m really glad this is my practice!

I did spend some time reading, though, I finished Rome by Robert Hughes and managed to read the very short but excellent The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka. I’m hoping to also actually write some posts today so the blog doesn’t remain silent for an entire week, but it depends on how all of my writing progresses really.

It’s probably good right now that I have an outlet anyway as real life is a tad stressful at the moment. I’m applying for my next UK visa next weekend, but by post this time, so there will be several anxious weeks during which I cannot leave the country, and of course I’m worried about the outcome despite the fact that I really shouldn’t be as hubby and I satisfy every requirement.

I’m also presenting at my company’s International Search Summit in London in less than three weeks’ time, which will be the biggest audience I’ve ever presented to. That carries its own small anxieties, though they’re nowhere near as large as the visa application.

I’ve also been investing a little bit more time into cooking; we signed up for an organic vegetable box scheme a couple of weeks ago and learning how to cook various different vegetables has been a surprisingly educational and tasty experience. Among things I didn’t realize I liked are zucchini (courgettes) and beets. Overall, the outcome has been so far exactly what I’d hoped for; we’re eating way more vegetables and experimenting with cooking. I’m hoping to eventually get organized enough to post some recipes to Weekend Cooking, maybe starting next Saturday.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


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