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TT: Library Style

ttQuestions: Have you explored the different styles? Have you customized any of the styles? If so, what are your favorite customized items (isbn, Dewey Decimal, Reviews, Book-Swap, etc)?

I use the style B with some modification, but in a strange way that suits probably only me.  I chose it because I like to see my book covers.  The rest of the style is purely for my own needs.  I like to use LT to keep track of recent reads and I normally sort my books by their entry date into LT.  This is because I read books that I’ve entered recently more frequently than books that are a couple of years old, so with my massive TBR tag, it’s easier to find what I’m looking for and browse what I probably have with me.  So I have columns for the picture, author, title, tags, entry date, read date, and social info.  I use my read date column for when I add reviews.  It’s easy to sort my latest “read 2009″ tag by date read to add in my latest reviews because usually they’re in some sort of order.  It also makes my yearly reading list accessible for when I’m not with my computer.

I modified a few of the other styles, but I almost never switch to them, so this one really suits me best!


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