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TT: Where Do You Get Your Books?

ttToday’s question: How do you get your books for reviewing?  Do you track them somehow (excel, database, etc), or just put them in a tbr (To Be Read for anyone that doesn’t know) pile?

I get books from all over.  I request from publishers, mainly through Shelf Awareness, and sometimes authors if a book sounds really, really good.  I have received a fair number from LT Early Reviewers and just won a book the other day from Member Giveaway.  I have several contacts who reliably offer me books I’ll like.  Most of my ARCs now come from contacts and the odd lone offer.  I also buy books, both new and used, and I even get books out from the library if I’m not sure I’ll like them but still want to give them a shot, or if they’re romance novels because I’m 99.9% sure I’m not going to reread them.

When I get a book, I stick its release date or blog tour date on my google calendar, and then I make sure I read it by then.  Easy enough.  I thought about tagging them in LT, but that seems purposeless when I can just glance at my calendar to see when I need to review everything.  An Excel spreadsheet would probably be a good idea, but since I go to google calendar all the time anyway, it’s the easiest.  I also keep the books in their own pile and try to read them in chronological order.  If I’m ahead, like I am now, I then know I can read other books for fun, or I can try to get further ahead because I have essays coming up!


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