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Booking Through Thursday: Author Blogs

btt2Do you read any author’s blogs? If so, are you looking for information on their next project? On the author personally? Something else?

This is a funny question for today because I just discovered a new one!  Susan Higginbotham commented on my post yesterday and I didn’t realize she had a blog, much less one where she talks about history, and she even has another one on Richard III.  You don’t want to know how quickly I added that to my google reader and how I’m a little ashamed I didn’t find it before!

I love author blogs.  Getting that little peephole into the brain of my favorite author is fantastic.  I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but I think I like it best when they discuss things other than books, like other interests, daily activities, whatever.  I was thrilled when Sharon Kay Penman started a blog.  Even though it probably takes time away from her exciting new book, it’s very exciting to hear about the life of one of my favorite authors and her thoughts on what she is doing outside the fictional world.  Her latest post was just yesterday.  These are the authors I support by buying their works in hardcover (unless I am offered an ARC, and sometimes even then) because I feel if they make the extra effort, I should too.  I’m sure it’s also because I think of them as celebrities in some sense and it’s so exciting to discover that authors are people who yes, can write extraordinarily well, but who are mostly just people that somehow are okay with talking to little insignificant me.

I also read Brandon Sanderson’s blog, George R.R. Martin’s blog, Michelle Moran’s blog, John Scalzi’s blog, and Neil Gaiman’s blog (I think everyone reads that though).  Probably some others too.  Nan Hawthorne’s blog and Patrick Rothfuss’s blog.  James Dashner’s blog.  Jaci Burton’s blog.  Oh, and can’t forget Lynn Flewelling’s blog.  And now I’m going to stop looking through my google reader because I have stuff to do today, but I think there are still more.  I may add them later.  I’ll probably discover more as I go through everyone else’s posts anyway!


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