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Who Am I? – Armchair BEA

armchair beaTo those of you who are new to my blog, welcome! I’m Meghan, a 25 year old American living in the UK, married to a wonderful British husband and navigating the intriguing world of marketing for my career. In my spare time, I am and always have been a bookworm and a history nut, hence the title of my blog. In 2009 I got my MA in Medieval Studies and am currently dreaming of a PhD in Medieval History, but not quite yet.

I’ve been blogging about books since 2007, but I’ve been reading since I was five. Blogging has been and continues to be a delightful outlet to share that love of literature with other people, since very few people in my day-to-day life actually enjoy reading.

A few other random facts about me:

  • My two favourite books are Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.
  • I will happily read most genres but my very favourites are historical fiction and epic fantasy. I also love non-fiction, particularly history (obviously enough) and will usually be happy with an enormous tome that someone else would consider dry and boring.
  • I adore the Middle Ages and have specialised in the Wars of the Roses; I will now refuse to read this period in fiction because I know too much. I do like nearly every period in history, though, and have loved books set in Cleopatra’s Egypt alongside books set in Victorian England – both fiction and non-fiction.
  • I dream of having a cat and a full room devoted to my library one day.

I’d love to be at BEA meeting awesome book bloggers and publishing industry contacts this week, but it wasn’t in the financial cards. I’m hoping for next year and meanwhile looking forward to this week’s Armchair BEA festivities!

If you drop by, leave me a comment and let me know you were here – I’ll do my best to visit your blog over the next week and say hi in return!


9 comments to Who Am I? – Armchair BEA

  • The name of your blog got my attention: I was a Medieval History major as an undergraduate. In fact, my daughters are named after my two favorite Medieval Women: Catherine of Siena and Eleanor of Aquitaine. My PhD is in a much different area though: Mass Communications. I’m glad I found your blog, and I’m looking forward to reading some of your historical fiction reviews!

  • I love my Boston-born wife and all, but there’s something so romantic about a British spouse! ;) Your comment on knowing too much made me laugh — my wife specialized in the Reformation (some minute aspect, too, like infant baptisms or something) when working on her M.Div. and has no patience for fiction/movies set in that era either. Best way to get her dander up, in fact, is to torture her with a costume drama feature well-bathed commoners, etc.
    Audra´s last post …Armchair BEA- May 23 – Who am I

  • Let’s hope that someday we can both meet up at BEA. I’ve yet to go. This year the date for Emma’s First Communion made it unworkable. Next year will probably be the same with Allison. Hopefully all is clear for BEA 2013. :)
    Literate Housewife´s last post …Let ArmchairBEA Begin!

  • It’s funny because I think I’m almost the opposite reader profile from yours (including dogs v. cats!) but I ALWAYS love reading your reviews. I love when that happens.
    Pam (@iwriteinbooks)´s last post …My New Book Crush

  • Hi Meghan, my favorite genres are historical fiction and epic fantasy as well! And yes, you should really get a cat. Cats are the most wonderful pets! Have fun this week!

  • The name of your blog snagged me as well! I love that, like me, you want a room full of library books one day!

  • I am a huge cat lover! I have three but would have even more if my husband would let me. I love both Jane Eyre and The Age of Innocence.
    Stephanie´s last post …Armchair BEA- Best of 2011

  • Can I admit something? It’s only been recently that I’ve pieced together that you were an American living abroad. Not sure how I didn’t get that until recently!

    Love Jane Eyre but can’t say the same about Age of Innocence. Did really like Ethan Frome.
    Trish´s last post …Armchair BEA – Fostering and Nurturing Relationships

  • Love your blog, you always feature books that I’ve either read, want to read or glad to have found out about. And Jane Eyre is my favorite book too!