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Blog Tour Guest Review: Galway Bay, Mary Pat Kelly

As you regular readers may have realized, I’m a little overwhelmed by life and school right now, so my mom, Carolyn, volunteered to help me fulfill my commitments by reading and reviewing Galway Bay for the blog tour today.  I was happy because she loved it and she’s told me that she now wants to read more historical fiction epics!  This from a woman who has previously informed me that if it wasn’t set in the modern day, she wasn’t interested.  I think we have found out where my love of history comes from, and I think that says a lot about the quality of Galway Bay!

My mom has written guest posts for me before, but this is her first blog tour, so I hope you’ll give her a warm welcome.  I can only hope that I love this book as much as she did!

Galway Bay is the story of Honora Kelly and her family. It starts in Ireland and ends in the United States.  You travel with them from 1839 to 1893.  It takes you through the hardships and joys in their lives.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I liked this book. I don’t think I can find words that can sufficiently express how wonderful this book is.   The way this book is written you feel as if you are right there with this family.  You can’t put it down.  You think about it when you aren’t even reading. I will never forget this book and the people in it.  Their story will stay with me forever, their struggles and their triumphs.  The main theme of this book is love of family and love of country.  You feel it in every page of this book.  I love how much they love each other and how they would do anything for one another.

As I read this book, I wanted to share it with someone. I really wanted to talk about it.  I would strongly recommend this book.  I also recommend this book  for a book club selection. Anyone who reads this book will get a different perspective on life.

Don’t miss an opportunity to participate in a Blog Talk Radio chat today with Mary Pat Kelly!  You can listen in here.  Sign up to call in and ask questions in the chat!

Buy Galway Bay on Amazon or check out the publisher’s website.  Thanks to Miriam at Hachette Book Group USA for our copy!

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