June 2024
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Dog Eats Dog, Iain Levinson

Phil Dixon, on the run after his latest bank robbery, desperately needs a place to stay.  When he spots young college professor Elias White naked with his clearly underage neighbor, Dixon knows he’s in, and he really, really wants to be in.  He’s determined to get out of his criminal lifestyle with this money, but he has to recover from his gun wound first.  What Dixon doesn’t expect is just how well that lifestyle will click with Elias, and this unexpected encounter leads to some unlikely consequences for both parties, especially when FBI Agent Denise Lupo comes to town, hunting Dixon down.

I didn’t expect that this book would be hilarious, but it often is.  It adds in little touches of sarcasm on nearly every page, sardonic commentary on the way we live.  This is at its heart a critical look at our world – everyone is out for themselves, and the best men (or women) win no matter what it takes.  I was expecting a mystery, but I got so much more out of this.  It’s a great story with a message.  I enjoyed it throughout and the plot consistently surprised me as I found I was misled and turned just slightly off track so that Levinson could really deliver his message.  In Levinson’s world, you just have to be clever and wily to get by – not smart or hard-working.  It’s a depressing theory, but he delivers it in such a way that you don’t mind.  You’re too busy having fun, and only when the book ends do you ponder this deeper message.  Or so it went for me.

This is a really entertaining book with a more fundamental level of meaning.  I read it in a day.  I’d recommend it to anyone seeking a quick, satirical read. Buy this book on Amazon.


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