June 2024
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Duma Key, Stephen King

We’ve all heard the rumors.  DUMA KEY is the best King novel for years.  He’s back to his old excellence.

They’re true.

DUMA KEY has it all, at least all you’ve ever wanted from King.  Great characters, terrific atmosphere, reactions so real that it hurts — mixed in with horror that keeps you awake at night terrified of the phantoms that he’s conjuring.  Yes, this happened to me, and to be honest I’ve never experienced it from one of his books before.  Hints, whispers of something coming in the midst of sincerely hoping that this poor man can recover his life, because you just like him, even though he’s flawed.  When it comes, it’s intense, and it doesn’t let go until you’ve finished the book.

I liked it a lot.  I felt it was a tight plot with just enough “in case” left over, because you never know.  I loved all the characters and found them to be really human, not quite as much as in some of my favorites, but there aren’t any angels or heroes floating around.  There is pure evil, but this book is horror, so that’s okay, it comes with the genre.  It feels like an old King novel.  It’s scary like an old King novel.  The things he talk about rise out of the page and come up at you.  I wonder what it would be like to live with that kind of imagination, and I think I’ll settle with my ordinary life.

In conclusion?  Very highly recommended, unless you scare too easily.


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