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Guest Review: My mom on The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks

A couple of months back I asked Miriam Parker at Hachette Book Group USA for a review copy of The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  She was extremely kind in sending me one, but it unfortunately arrived after I left for England, so my mom took on herself the task of reading and reviewing it.  I’ll read it myself when I go back in a couple of months.  My mom loves Nicholas Sparks and has read all of his books to date, but this is only her second book review since school and as such this is a very new experience for her.  So here’s my mom, Carolyn, on The Lucky One:

This book is about Logan Thibault, a US Marine, on his third tour of duty in Iraq. He finds a photograph of a girl in the sand. He brings the picture back to base and puts it on the message board for someone to claim. The photograph is never claimed so Logan begins to carry it around with him all the time. This changes his luck and he begins to have good luck. His best friend, Victor, claims this is his lucky charm. After Logan is released from the military, he decides to go look for the woman in the picture by using the clues in the picture.

I loved this book. Once I started reading it, I didn’t want to put it down. It was a love story with suspense in it. You knew something was going to happen but you didn’t know what. This is a down to earth story as you might find in real life. Besides liking the relationship between Logan and Beth, I really enjoyed reading about the relationship between Logan and Ben. Reading this book brought me such joy. It’s what reading is all about. I think the lucky one is anyone who has the opportunity to read this book.

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