April 2024
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Inkspell, Cornelia Funke

Inkspell is a strange book. While Cornelia Funke has created a very enchanting Inkworld, she is perhaps too verbose. The book is very long, and while plenty of things happen, it seems too long. It doesn’t have as much appeal as Harry Potter to keep kids reading, in my opinion. I still really like the concept, and I also like the idea that the story can be changed while the characters are inside it, but my attention was not as captivated. The book is just too long – and I like long books!

The characters have grown on me, though. I really like reading about their further exploits, and I just love Dustfinger. He’s complex, in some ways, with his relationships with Resa and Roxane, and his affection for his children. He comes across as the most real of all the characters; the rest of them are sugar-coated.

*big spoiler*

It is true, though, that when Farid died, I nearly cried, and even more so when Dustfinger gave his life to bring Farid back. Utterly heartwrenching scene.

*end spoiler*

I also didn’t like how the book can’t really stand alone and the cliffhanger ending. I’m not a very big fan of cliffhanger endings even though I really enjoy series. I am definitely looking forward to Inkdeath, so I guess Cornelia Funke has drawn me in after all.


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