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Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson

In Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson creates a dismal, dark world, peopled mostly with oppressed, down-trodden skaa slaves and a handful of high nobility. Main character Vin has a desperately hard life, but it doesn’t take long for her to learn that she has much more power than she expected, and become involved with a crew that threatens to overthrow the government and free the skaa.

This book is the first in a trilogy, which I’m happy to discover has actually been completed, though not entirely published. It serves as a complete story in itself and also a tantalizing introduction into the world. Sanderson’s characters are easy to care about and often playful despite their generally dire circumstances. The world is a fairly dark and depressing place, but the book’s message springs free of these constraints and lightens the entire story. Vin is a great character. Her personal transformation is very well done and very believable, which is always one of my favorite aspects of any book. I adore good character development, and Sanderson is good at it.

I also really liked the way the book was plotted. The hook is very successful and even the slower bits in the beginning about Allomancy all feel educational and not drawn out at all. Sanderson notes in his annotations that it may have been a bit slow, but I didn’t feel that at all. I was interested, because some of the scenes beforehand really made me wonder how the system worked.

Speaking of the magic system, it’s very original, logical AND creative. It made a lot of sense to me once it was explained and really enlivened the battle scenes.

Great book, I’m looking forward to the next.


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