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Review: A Marquis to Marry, Amelia Grey

During one of the Marquis of Raceworth’s house parties, he is startled to learn that a dowager duchess is waiting for him to attend her.  Uncertain what an older woman would want from him, he doesn’t expect to discover that the duchess is young, beautiful, and convinced that he has a set of famous pearls which belong to her mother.  Race does own the pearls but is convinced they belonged to his grandmother and are now his.  His conviction doesn’t stop him from becoming extremely attracted to Susannah, and the more they search for the pearls, the more he realizes that they are not what matters most to him.

This is such a fun, sweet book.  Since I’d read A Duke to Die For, I already really liked the hero and I was pleased to see many of the secondary characters appear again.  The central couple, Race and Susannah, served as a wonderful pairing.  Susannah is slightly older than the average romance heroine at thirty, and she is a widow.  Better yet, she was forced to marry after being caught in a scandal with a man she believed she loved.  So not only is she interesting, but so is her background, and makes a lot of her actions in the book more believable.  She doesn’t have much to lose by getting involved with Race, unlike your conventional romance heroine, so the romance’s quick pace feels slightly more realistic.  She’s also very independent, which I appreciated; we never feel like she needs Race to do anything, she’s fully capable of doing it all on her own.

I really liked the side plot with Gibby.  I almost hope he finds someone in the third book of the series, he’s such a sweet older man and it seems a shame that he only loved Race’s grandmother.  I also liked the frame story with the pearls, I thought it was a clever way to bring the main couple together and then cause conflict between them.  I loved that Race sent Susannah little improper notes; he’s not at all in denial over the way he feels and he wants her to know it.

Overall, I really enjoyed A Marquis to Marry*.  I liked both the main characters, I liked their journey to love, and I’m looking forward to Morgan’s story in the next book!

*I am an Amazon Associate. I received both books mentioned in this post from the publisher for review.


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