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Review: All Together Dead, Charlaine Harris

This is book seven in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I’m reading these in part for the challenge hosted over at Beth Fish Reads.

Sookie’s telepathic skills are about to come in handy for the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne.  The vampires are having a summit and Sophie-Anne wants to know what the humans are thinking.  Sookie mostly wants time to get over her traitorous ex, Bill, and get used to her new relationship with were-tiger Quinn, but she accepts Sophie-Anne’s offer.  She’ll be generously paid and she’s curious.  Vampire politics are complicated, though, and soon Sookie finds herself in a far bigger mess than she’d ever expected.

I’m still very much enjoying this series.  Quite a bit happens in All Together Dead, keeping my attention very effectively.  At the beginning, there is quite a bit of happening in Sookie’s normal life – her brother gets married to were-panther Crystal, for example, and Sookie has a new roommate in Amelia Broadway, witch.  Her former friend Arlene bonds with the Fellowship of the Sun and Sookie finally gets a little closer to Quinn and develops some hope for their relationship.  Her world is certainly never boring, but the vampire summit is clearly the high point of this book.  As it should be, because this is really what develops the events in the entire supernatural world.

I really liked Sookie’s developing relationships.  In the last book I thought I was fond of Quinn, but I’m not sure here.  He’s been hiding things from Sookie and I’m not sure I like that.  I am really enjoying the way her relationship is going with Eric though.  It’s always interesting to see where each book goes.  As always, Sookie herself is definitely the attraction for this series.  She’s a sweet, honest, and genuinely interesting character and it’s nice to have a main character that feels so familiar over the course of the series.

As I’ve said in possibly every review so far, I’m recommending this series and looking forward to reading more.

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