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Review: Bone Crossed, Patricia Briggs

Bone Crossed is the fourth book in the Mercy Thompson series and this review may contain spoilers for the earlier books.  To start at the beginning, check out Moon Called [my review, Amazon].

Even though Mercy is struggling from the fall-out of the last book’s events, trouble doesn’t leave her alone.  She’s chosen to be alpha werewolf Adam’s mate, but before anything can be finalized, her vampire friend Stefan appears in her house at the edge of death.  Turns out Marsilia, the mistress of the local vampire seethe, has discovered that Mercy killed two of her vampires and that Stefan helped to cover it up, and so she has declared Mercy’s life forfeit, and that of her friends.  Just in time, an old friend appears asking for Mercy’s help; a ghost has taken over her home.  Mercy takes the opportunity to leave her friends safe by removing herself from the area, but in the process attracts the attention of the crazed vampire in Spokane.  How is she going to get out of this one?

While this was a little bit of a let down after Iron Kissed, which would have been hard to top, there is still a lot to like about this installment of the series.  Mercy has a lot to recover from since she was raped and she finds that she doesn’t just get over it like often happens in fiction; no, she has panic attacks, she cowers, she has trouble even kissing Adam.  Adam, of course, more than proved his worth with patience and understanding and I liked the way that their relationship developed.

These books wouldn’t stand alone very well, but that isn’t a criticism here.  The events from previous books are still ongoing, while the book has its own plotline to keep the action going and provide new excitement.  It’s a little like plotting for a TV show; there is a bigger conflict and then there is the driving force behind each individual episode.  Everything has repercussions, but the ghost storyline allows Mercy to develop and heal a little by herself.

I’m definitely still recommending this series and eagerly awaiting the fifth book!


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