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Review: Brighter than the Sun, Julia Quinn

If Charles Wycombe, the Earl of Billington, doesn’t get married in 15 days, he stands to lose his inheritance to an odious cousin.  If Miss Eleanor Lyndon doesn’t marry soon, she will be forced to marry one of many country gentlemen who are either too old, too young, or disgusting, and do extra chores besides when her father marries his horrible fiancee.  When Billington falls out of a tree nearly into Ellie’s lap, it leads them to arrange their own marriage in order to avoid their horrible fates.

This little book was an interesting twist on the classic arranged marriage turns to love scenario in that Ellie and Charles choose to arrange their own wedding in order to avoid the less-than-ideal fate that stands before each of them.  Of course, there are obstacles along their particular path to true love.  One such obstacle really moved me in particular, while another had me irritated because it seemed quite contrived.  It wasn’t quite a deus ex machina, but it might as well have been.  In the end, though, that hardly mattered.  It’s a very sweet story of how two people come to know and fall in love with each other from nothing.  Not as funny or touching as the Bridgerton books, but I enjoyed it quite a bit and will probably seek out the first in this duology.

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