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Review: Cam’s Quest, Dian Curtis Regan

This book is the sequel to Princess Nevermore.  If you have not read that book and are interested in avoiding spoilers for it, please skip this summary!

Even though Quinn has returned to Mandria, Cam finds himself frustrated and unhappy.  Quinn is destined to marry another and he’s forced to watch her choose.  Worse, one day a little boy turns up, claiming to be Melikar’s new apprentice.  Much to Cam’s shock, Melikar accepts the boy and informs Cam that the time has come to seek his past.  Cam must go out into the world, his own trip through the wishing pool, in order to discover his past so that he can embrace his future.

Okay.  I just loved Princess Nevermore when I was a young adult.  It was my favorite book.  I even tried to read it out loud to my mother while she was cooking, just so I could share it with someone else.  So, understandably, I was both thrilled and anxious when I discovered this book’s existence a few months ago and opened it with trepidition when it arrived as a birthday gift.  Finally, I would know what happened to Cam and Quinn, and this time from Cam’s perspective; he was so interesting in the first book but never really had a chance to shine since Quinn spends most of her time outside Mandria.

Anyway, I’m very happy to say that I loved it.  Regan has lost no sense of her world and I adored exploring more of it and even paying a visit back to outer Earth with Cam.  I know I’d have felt even more pleased with it if I was still the right age for it.  These books are like a cross between a fairy tale and a fantasy novel.  They have a fairy tale feel to them, that feeling of destiny and whimsy that permeates modern fairy tales, as well as stereotypical fantasy elements and some things that Regan herself has made up, like the Marnies and their food-growing system.  The world is enchanting.  The characters are even more enchanting, if that’s possible.  It’s easy to fall in love with them and stay in love throughout the series.  When Cam and Basil were in a particularly dicey situation that may have ended one of Cam’s sincerest hopes, I was actually very worried about them and almost couldn’t bear to find out what happened.  On top of this, the book ended in exactly the way I have wanted it to since I was a small girl.  It made me very happy.

Honestly, this is a wonderful sequel in every way.  Apparently the author has expanded Princess Nevermore as well, but I haven’t purchased that yet.  To be honest I didn’t even need to reread it to remember what happened, since I read it so many times as a child.  I’ll be happy to reread both of these together in the future, and I highly recommend them for young adults everywhere, as well as those of us who may be grown but still can find the child in our hearts.

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