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Review: Definitely Dead, Charlaine Harris

Sookie’s cousin Hadley has died and Sookie needs to go to New Orleans and sort out her apartment.  First, however, Sookie begins to date were-tiger Quinn and learns that someone doesn’t want her investigating Hadley’s apartment.  Her life is threatened more than once, and once again Sookie has to wonder who is out to get her this time.

I feel like my every review for a book in this series is the same.  Again, I really enjoyed Definitely Dead.  I haven’t noticed any real dip in quality, although I’m assuming it will happen eventually.  Sookie’s suitors are diminishing in number.  She gets rid of two of them permanently and she makes a discovery about a third in this book that really had me hurting for her.  After six books, it’s so easy to care about Sookie, and it makes her struggles harder but more engaging reading.

I did enjoy the character of Quinn, though, and I was glad Sookie chose someone to actually date.  The way he treats her in this book is so sweet and a nice contrast to the men’s previous treatment of her.

I didn’t like that there was a short story between this book and the last one.  It wasn’t really necessary to read it, but I did feel lost as Sookie mentioned various things that had happened and I’d missed.  I thought at first that I was on the wrong book before I realized it was a novella that I can’t get over here unless I buy the collection of them in hardcover.  I understand why they do that sort of thing, but I prefer to be able to go from book to book without getting confused.

I’m eagerly awaiting the acquisition of book seven from my library now.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Sookie next.  I am really enjoying this series and I anticipate this challenge will be one I am actually capable of completing.

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