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Review: Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

Again, this is not really a review, more my thoughts on this installment of the series!

Edward’s back in her life and Bella couldn’t be happier, but she still cares for Jacob Black, the werewolf who has become her best friend.  The animosity between Edward and Jacob means that Bella struggles to keep her two worlds apart.  Even worse, someone is committing murder after murder in Seattle, and Bella, the Cullens, and the Quileutes have reason to think that they’re after Bella.  In the midst of trying to stay safe and protect all those she cares about, Bella realizes that she may have to make a choice with which she isn’t at all comfortable.

I do actually think this installment of the series may be the best so far.  (It’s later ruined by Breaking Dawn, but we’ll leave that review for next week.)  Edward has developed something of a personality, which makes me pleased that he’s not just a God-like perfect creature, although we still hear about his beauty nearly every page he’s on.  He’s still very controlling, though, and that I didn’t appreciate.  Bella doesn’t seem to care, but he regularly thwarts her will and convinces her to do what he likes, like when he forbids her to see Jacob and has Alice actually kidnap her to prevent that from happening.  I can’t even tell you what I’d do if Keith tried to stop me from seeing someone who wasn’t harmful to me at all.  The scene where he forces Bella to visit her mother on a particular weekend and worse, completely overrides her father’s objection springs to mind.  What Stephenie Meyer shows us and tells us are two entirely different things.

My favorite is still Jacob.  I can’t help it.  If I was an obsessed teenager, I’d be wearing a “Team Jacob” t-shirt.  He’s so much more interesting than Edward.  He seems to actually care for Bella rather than spout endless platitudes about eternal love; we don’t need to hear his feelings so often because he shows them.  What a novelty!  He’s also more fun, and Bella is more fun around him.  She’s better when she’s not passing out from kisses or thinking about how unworthy she is, although she does get annoying by constantly worrying at the hurt she’s causing Jacob.  I wanted to kick her.  If she felt so bad, she should have cut off the friendship and let him recover.

This is still the best book in the series, though.  It felt smoother, and though the characters annoyed me, I felt that they were gaining more dimensions, even if they weren’t dimensions I liked.  The vampire past was interesting, too, because I like world-building even if the author likes to break conventions.  I’m still not sure I’ll go around recommending this series – not because anyone needs me to anyway – but I am enjoying them in a superficial sort of way, at least when I don’t want to smack Bella.

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